In the aforesaid Govt. resolution, the main purpose and activities of the Corporation have been highlighted as follows :-

a) To arrange for procurement of agricultural and other commodities through the clusters of Self – Help – Groups and to arrange for distribution of such commodities at the retail level in various areas of the State and also through cluster of Self Help Groups.
b) To act as a procurement and distribution tool of the State Government in association with similar State Govt. Corporations and undertaking but emphasis mainly on Self Help Groups.
c) To arrange for appropriate training of various Self Help Groups in different spheres of activities like marketing, financial management, administration, computer networking etc.

In addition, WBSCL takes initiatives and concrete plans for tie-up with big shopping malls, consumer co-operatives, other public sector as well as private sector marketing outfits so that the products of self help groups can penetrate the elite markets in the urban sector. Recently, WBSCL has taken steps to create new avenues of sustainable livelihood for self – help group members.